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Fabricators Purchased Over 15,000 of Our Patented Gas Saver Systems (GSS)
A number carefully measured and reported total shielding gas savings from 40 to 50+%
With >15,000 patented GSS 's in use, fabricators have collectively saved millions of dollars of MIG Shielding Gas by reducing waste.  They do so year after year!  Weld Start Quality has also been improved by reducing gas surge that causes turbulent shielding, resulting in excess spatter and internal weld porosity.

Some fabricators have reported saving over 60% in gas purchases and achieved significant cost savings from improved weld start quality. See Testimonials

PDF of 18 Fabricators Savings Results


AA Body Builders (See Published Article)
AIC Steel Structures (Saudi Arabia)
Air Products (Liquid Gas, Cryogenic Tank Production)
Alaska's Institute of Technology
Aluminum Ladder
Anel Corp.
ArcTech Fabricating
Armor Holdings
Austal Philippines Pty Limited
BAE Industries
BigBoom (China)
Bourgault Industries
Bosal Industries (Exhaust Systems)
Bostrom Seating
Bucyrus Langfang Machinery Co. Ltd (China)
Caterpillar Tractor (Multiple Locations)
Chart Industries (Multiple Locations: >3000 GSS's w/ >600 in China + 250 Czech Republic)
Deere Hitachi
Demountable Concepts
Ellison Technologies
Eiler's Machine & Welding
EMI Technologies
Engineering Products
Felker Brothers
Fisher Tank
Flex-N-Gate (Multiple Locations)
Florence Darlington Technical College
Future Fabricating
Future Fence
Gene Terex Cranes
Gill Industries (Mexico)
Grady White Boats
Graham Manufacturing
Greenheck Fan
Greens Bayou Pipemill
Guardian West
Harley Davidson
Hendrickson International
Hennepin Technical College (Minnesota)
Honda (Multiple Locations)
Horton Emergency Vehicles
Hubble Power Systems
JayTech Welding & Fab
J. Ray McDermott
JLG Industries
John Deere
Johnson Controls
Johnstown Welding and Fab
Joerns Healthcare
Key Technologies
Lexington Design & Fabrication
Marman Energy
Martenrea International (Automotive Parts)
MasterGuard Corporation
McLaughlin Body
New Hampshire Trailers
Paul Mueller
Precision Industries
Plantation Mill
P.P.E./ Chile
RKI Inc. (Manufacturer of Truck Boxes)
Riverside Engineering
Road Rescue
Seimans Transportation
Shan-Rod, Inc
Signal International
Steel Craft
Summit Trailer
Sunflower Manufacturing
Team Industries
Tenneco Automotive (Multiple Locations, MIG Robots)
Tesco Williamsen
Texas Hydraulics (See Published Article)
Thomas & Betts
Trinity Industries
TS Tech Alabama
Union Tank Car
Universal Trailer (Exiss/Sooner)
Utility Trailer
Wastequip, Inc (Multiple Locations)
Valmont Industries
York Aire; Johnson Controls (Mexico)
Zimal Steel (Saudi Arabia)
ZongHui (China)

SEE EXAMPLES  of Specific Documented Savings and Quality Improvements

In addition to these industrial customers there are numerous small shop and DIY home welder users that purchased our Gas Saver System (GSS ) and have reported several benefits.

First they save money!  But as important to them, they get over twice as much warning of their cylinder running out of gas when they see the contents pressure gauge is running low.  That means not running out on a Saturday night or Sunday!  They also have less than 1/2 the trips to get their cylinder filled!  A number have also reported improved weld start quality.  See Recent Start Quality Testimonial.

Some have also switched to larger gas cylinders.  For example in our home shop we use a 160 cubic foot cylinder chained to the wall, instead of the common 20 cubic foot small cylinder.  We use a 25 foot GSS (Part Number FB25; Click to see order page.)  The GSS with a 10 foot MIG gun allows a 30 foot operating radius from the cylinder.  With a standard gas hose the gas surge and gas waste would be very high since we make many tack welds and short welds. 

See testimonial from a home shop that was also switched to a larger cylinder.