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The "Gas Blast" at MIG Starts, Causes Problems:

1) Shielding Gas Waste - Typically Half the Gas Being Used!

2) Inferior Weld Start Quality - Since Air Enters the Turbulent Shielding Gas Stream it Creates.


See Patented  Gas Saver System (GSS TM)
Over 10,000 Systems in Use Saving Gas!

See Video: "MIG Shielding Gas Flow Control"

See How to Improve Weld Start Quality

price increase

Note: Argon prices doubled in the past few years; Air Products Announced Another 20% Increase March 2015 - others will likely follow.
Argon is in short supply, many are being put on allocation!

Our patented Gas Saver System (GSS) can cut gas use in half by eliminating gas waste while providing better weld starts.
"Isn't it time to cut your shielding gas waste?"

CAT2A Caterpillar Tractor plant recently reported improved starts with less internal porosity achieved with Gas Saver Systems (GSS) installed on all their MIG welders. Savings in rework costs means even more than the substantial shielding gas waste reduction!
See Case 2 Showing Details of Similar Reported Improved Starts

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Greg Pepitone sent an email (with pics of his '33) asking a question about MIG shielding gas flow rate.  He ended his email with the following:

"A number of years ago I purchased a Portable Flow Meter, Mud Flap and Gas Saver System. Great products not ever a problem. I did indeed find the Argon gas usage was extended - may I say well done.  Thanks for a great product, it did make a difference and I have recommended it to friends just short of twisting arms. However, the old story about leading a horse to water with some of the hard heads of the world!"

Note, Greg also purchased our newly published book  "Advanced Automotive Welding" and emailed; "Thanks for writing the book."

See More Testimonials

A customer recently said, "I can't understand why every MIG welder doesn't use your great Gas Saver System (GSS)?" He continued, "Like the saying, build a better mouse trap and people will beat a path to your door."   I told him that only fits if they know they have mice! 

Bottom Line:

If you are not using our low cost, patented GSS you have "mice!"  It saves about half the shielding gas used by eliminating waste while improving start quality.   Compared to other devices tried in the past, welders like the improved starts!!  Many thousands of GSS's are in use at industrial fabricators such as Air Products, Boeing, Caterpillar Tractor etc. See Partial User List.

"Flow Rate Limiter" - a Perfect Complement to Our GSS

Save Even More Gas With Our Patented Flow Rate Limiter (FRL)

The FRL is our latest shielding gas saving patent.  It simply clamps on to and locks the flowmeter knob, preventing changes.  No alterations are made to the flowmeter.   

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Cut Shielding Gas Waste and Reduce Total Use by Over 50% with Our GSS and FRL

See Video: Rising Shielding Gas Prices

We receive a number of questions about our "Gas Saver System"  and shielding gas control in general.  The following are some specific Questions: 


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  1. How Does the Patented Gas Saver System Work?

  2. What is the Reason for Gas Surge at the Weld Start?

  3. Why is Some Extra Gas Needed at MIG Weld Starts?

  4. How Does Automatic Flow Compensation Work and Why is Over 25 psi Pressure Needed to Achieve it?  Also See Video

  5. Why Has My Gas Supplier Not Told Me About Excess Gas Flow Problems?

  6. What MIG Flow Rate Should be Used?  Also See Video

  7. What is the Payback of the Gas Saver System?

  8. Why is My Existing Gas Delivery Hose a Wasteful 1/4 " ID?

  9. Why do Simple Feeder Mounted Orifices Not Work to Reduce Gas Waste?  Why Do They Give a False Savings Impression!  Also See Video

  10. What Problems Occur if Low Pressure Devices are Used to Reduce Surge?

  11. What About Using Orifices To Control Flow at a Pipeline Gas Supply?

  12. For Pipeline Gas Supply What Corrections In Flowmeter Readings Are Needed for Pressure Changes?

  13. What is the Ideal Gas Delivery System? 

  14. The Gas Surge Exiting My MIG Nozzle at the Weld Start Only Lasts a Short Time-Why is That a Problem with Weld Quality?

  15. Is There a Way to Lock the Flow Settings?

  16. Can I use the Gas Saver System for TIG?

Fabricator Installs 288 GSS in 6 Plants: Tests made in each plant, showed average 45% savings in total gas use. Click For Details

Zamil Steel in Saudi Arabia, after performing shielding gas consumption tests, buys 60, FB40's, 40 foot long GSS's.  After 6 months, they purchased another 80 GSS's

Bucyrus in China Repeats GSS Order

A major US Fabricator with 982 GSS's installed purchsed 132 for their plant in China!

See "Why Gas Waste" Video 

Low Pressure Flow  Control Does Not Work

Fabricators Report ~40 to 50% Gas Savings; PDF

Major Industrial Gas Producer purchases 231 GSS' s

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GSS Customer Testimonials:

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Tip of the Month

MIG Shielding Gas Flow Control is Much More Complex Then it Appears.  


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* US GSS Patent # 6.610.957; Canadian Patent # 2,455,644

Flow Rate Limiter Patent # 7,462,709

Other Products Covered By US Patents # 7,015,412, # 7,019,248 or # 8,104,094

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